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Online UPS Range

ABP Powers are the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the Online UPS. It is the best product which is mostly used in homes and in IT firms. It gives protection against data loss due to power-cuts. The Online UPS price range varies with the product range which starts from 600VA UPS to 10KVA Online UPS. It is the best product to provide safety for computers from data loss and data corruption.

Power is your Business Life Line. The more you have the better for your business growth and productivity and losing it may prove disastrous for your business. So, for uninterrupted power security and performance preserve it with ABP online ups system. The online ups price range is quite affordable and varies as per the requirement. Our goal of zero defects and total customer satisfaction makes us the preferred supplier for many major companies in the electronics and information industries. At, our quality is measured by our products.

Our sophisticated technology has enable us to cater to varied needs of power distribution and backups, we provides a complete line of power electronics products. These include Online UPS 1kva to 4000kva, battery chargers, Solar UPS System, Servo Stabilizer, Solar Inverters, and AC/DC Convertor. The online ups 3kva price is the most affordable equipment in the whole online ups range and is manufactured for homes.

Moreover our vast industry experience and our presence have enabled us to offer our technologically advanced power solutions as per the requirements of our customer .As we lay considerable efforts to study the requirements and provide solution through continuously upgraded product by our continual research and development so as to offer our client. The online ups 5kva price & online ups 10kva price range varies as per the requirement of the customers. With the most affordable online ups price range, ABP Powers is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Online UPS.

Major Application

  • Information Technology - Data Centers, Servers Networking.
  • Telecommunication - mobile, Wireless and others.
  • Industrial Automation, Process Control.
  • Digital Mini Labs, image processing and per- press.
  • Medical equipments - MRI, CT Scan Cath Lab, Doppler and others.
  • Embroidery Machines, Laser Cutting Machines/Non - vovan fabric Bag Making Machines.
  • Braking Insurance and Financial Services.
  • Satellite Up linking and Earth Stations.

IGBT Based Inverter and Rectifier

High Switching Frequency fir maximum system efficiency, Minimum Harmonics, Fast Transient Response and increased battery life.

Digital Singal Processing

ABP UPS is fully Digital adopting a Signal Processing Unit that integrated all power stages as well as control functions. The system uses only 2 cards as compared to a large number of control cards used in conventional UPS Systems. Single Processing unit increases system through increases reliability.

Isolation Transformer For Grounding Problems

All ABP UPS models incorporate Isolation Transformer at the output of the UPS to attenuate problems arising out of poor input grounding and leakage voltage in natural.

Optional Add ons

Include SNMP Network Protocol, RS -232 Communication Port, Wall - mounted Remote Monitoring Panel (RMP) Matching Battery Cabinets.

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