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We cannot Imagine our life without Information Technology Systems. This turns our life in 360 degree dimensionally in terms of Gathering/Formatting/Spreading Information in all sectors. Whether Medical/ Manufacturing/ Banking/ Education in all terms IT Sector played vital role. Back bone of this IT industry is Online UPS System which provides uninterrupted power to the connected load.

Role of ABP POWER ONLINE UPS systems in IT

We at ABP Power Online UPS understand importance of IT Industry that’s why our R&D Team Study and Analyze various types of IT equipment load requirements in terms of providing them uninterrupted power supply with cost effectiveness and without compromising Quality of Online UPS System.
We control THD (TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION), P.F(POWER FACTOR), EFFICIENCY and develop online UPS in High Frequency without Isolation Transformer so that customer can benefit with low Electricity Bill.
ABP Power Online UPS R&D Team Also Study and analyze with various IT company that conventional Isolation Transformer base ONLINE UPS and Floor Mounted UPS consume too much Floor Space. We work on that requirement seriously and develop RACK MOUNT type UPS WITHOUT ISOLATION TRANSFORMER in place of Floor type conventional UPS.
ABP R&D Team Also Study and analyze another problem in IT sector that in future if EXPANSION of Company need to do then they have to replace UPS with higher capacity which is huge cost for them. We understand this problem and we are suggesting MODULAR BASED ONLINE UPS SYSTEM by this system we can increase rating of UPS by adding extra MODULES of UPS in existing UPS MODULES in that condition rating of UPS increase without replacing UPS.
HOT STANDBY or Parallel Redundancy Arrangement This arrangement provide IT sector extra advantage in case if one Online UPS get trip then entire load of UPS shift on another UPS. Output load of UPS not effect due to UPS failure.
Our Experts still working and committed to provide best solutions as per change of technology time to time. We assure you of our best product and service support on PAN India basis.
We also assured that our system users will feel ahead in comparison of their existing competitors in terms of technology , Timely response in service support and last Cost effectiveness. All this make customer feel happy and satisfy which increase their satisfaction level and ahead them from their competitors


  • R & D team Dedication
  • Committed for Technology Study and Upgradation
  • Online UPS without Isolation Transformer for IT Load Floor type
  • Online UPS UPS Rack mounted for IT Load
  • Online UPS Modular Type for IT Load
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance
  • Affordable Pricing

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