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When automatic rescue systems or ARD manufacturer, weren't available in the past, elevator mechanics would raise the machine brake, turn the flywheel, and raise the lift to the door level before opening the door with a key to release the trapped occupants. Numerous incidents have occurred in the lift industry both during and before rescue missions.

A secondary power supply must be provided via the passenger elevator. Means a backup generator. We are India’s leading ARD manufacturer, our sub-main circuit is used to deliver power to the passenger elevator. It is advised to include an Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) in the lift system to automatically direct the elevators to the nearest level landing and open their doors in the event of a power outage. Our ARD is utilized in elevator applications to stop the lift at the closest application when the electric power is switched off, to put it simply.

We have a sizable customer base, which makes us India's top-ranked ARD manufacturer. Moreover, with the support of dedicated staff, we are committed to providing a large selection of elevator automatic rescue devices. The provided gadget is a modern emergency rescue device for elevator systems that opens the door safely and returns the cabinet to the lowest floor or the closest floor. It is produced at our vendor's facility with the highest quality materials and innovative methods under predetermined industry standards.

Main driving technology advancement:

The ARD attempts to operate the elevator in a predetermined direction during the rescue operation. The elevator operation is paused and the direction of travel is reversed to benefit from gravity if the battery current drawn is greater. This feature uses more battery life and delays the passenger rescue a little. The primary VVVF drive in contemporary designs is built to remember the operating current and the direction of travel for each run. When there is a power outage, the ARD run causes the drive to go in the easy direction, preventing excessive battery consumption.

Why to buy Inverter?

The Inverter cum Home UPS is a product used mostly in homes and offices. This product provides backup at times of power cuts and power failures. It is the best choice for use in homes and it is also fully automatic and gives protection from short circuits.

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